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Wastewater Treatment

We own and operate five Anaerobic Digester wastewater plants across Central and North Vietnam. These facilities treat wastewater from plants processing cassava roots and by doing so, both avoid methane emissions and supply renewable energy.

Type of Project
Methane Recovery
Wastewater Treated
4,500,000 m³ per year

Project Stats

tCO₂ of carbon reduced every year
m³ of methane destroyed every month
m³ of wastewater treated per year

Delivering positive impacts aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Worldwide, the pressure to become more efficient has driven agricultural operations to become progressively more intensive to realize the economies of production and scale. This is especially true in the starch processing industry, where wastewater is the main source of pollution to the surrounding environment and water sources.

Impacts & benefits

Anerobic Digester plants capture and destroy methane emmisions

The project activities involve the implementation of a two-stage wastewater treatment system. The first stage of the treatment recovers methane caused by the decay of biogenic matter in the effluent stream by introducing a sequential stage of wastewater treatment with methane recovery. By extracting the biogas, the project activity reduces methane emissions that would have otherwise been emitted. The second stage utilizes the biogas generated by the first stage to provide a reliable and low-cost energy source to operate the starch factory, replacing the use of intensive fossil fuels such as coal.

The projects prevent an estimated 60,000 tCO₂ each per year from being emitted into the atmosphere, thereby preventing pollution in water sources, improving air quality, reducing odour, recovering energy and protecting the environment.

Whilst the project has the direct benefit of employment at the project site due to monitoring and maintenance requirements, the project also creates indirect benefits towards SDG8 by creating a scenario that is beneficial for economic growth and therefore a rise in GDP.

Demonstrating the Importance of Carbon Revenue

The project activity is classified as a ‘vulnerable’ project type due to its ongoing financial need. The reliance upon carbon revenue is demonstrated by continuous issuances. Without carbon revenues, the project would cease operations due to high operating costs and lack of technical capacity.


Wastewater Expertise in Vietnam

Our on the ground team of local experts have extensive experience in project design, technology implementation, staff training to operate facility, and oversee all aspects of environmental services.
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